Belgium online gambling law

Belgium online gambling law reef casino events

They have been offering an ever-growing selection of games, including Lotto, Jamucian casinos, Keno and several others. A holder of licence A, B, E, F1 or F2 needs to present proof of their credibility and financial capacity and must at all times give the Commission meticulous intelligence which offers transparency, the operations and the identity of the shareholders, and it must monitor all future alterations in these matters.

Therefore I can not recommend any poker websites for Belgian players at the moment. Applications should be filed with the Gaming Commission by registered letter containing the form that can be found in Annex 1 of several Royal Decrees:. The licences that are valid for the operation of online gambling sites are all connected to land-based gambling forms, and can only be obtained if online activities are in connection with a brick and mortar establishment within Belgium. Application for a Licence and Licence Restrictions. Belgium boasts a long and varied history mgm grand casino discount gambling. Bets and games of chance on television require a licence G1; and for games that use different media, such as written press and radio, a licence G2 is required.

Would you like to check which games of chance are permitted in Belgium? Are you curious And what are the legal requirements for online games of chance? A complete guide to online gambling in Belgium, listing sites that offer internet gambling and outlining Belgian gambling laws. In Belgium a ban on games of chance is in place. Since an absolute ban across the board once prompted the uncontrolled proliferation of illegal games of.